Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Officer Dumbass From The Total Clown Precinct

“Forgive me, Father. I’ve intentionally skipped the last few Sunday Masses without good reason.”

Yeah, Mass just wasn’t the same without him. I was so sad…

The whole point of Mass is to talk to all my mouth-breathing parishioners at once, so they don’t ruin my week by coming in one at a time to chat. But this imbecile feels the need to trundle in and take me away from my gardening on a Tuesday afternoon just so I can listen to this total non-sin. It’s even worse how much he thanks me after confession, like I’ve done him some huge favor. I think talking to me might be the best part of his week, and it’s by far the worst part of mine.

Pro-Tip: If you’ve got a sad little idiot life, don’t come to confession, because it really bums me out.


  1. lol #skipped #gifs #clownpresident

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